Rodrigo Hucke-Gaete

I currently work as a professor at the place where I obtained my degree on Marine Biology and a Dr.Sc. in Ecology: Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia, Chile. I am also Director of a small local NGO, the Blue Whale Center ( and proud member of the CSG and Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission.

I am interested in marine mammal ecology and conservation biology, broadly integrating knowledge from several sub-disciplines to better understand and protect marine systems. I am especially keen on using this understanding to support decision-making that solves environmental problems. My main research interests are: (i) investigating the role of marine mammals using ecological indicators for determining ecosystem state and health, (ii) understanding multi-scale processes in determining ecological patterns of pelagic predators using habitat assessment tools such as satellite tracking, remote sensing and GIS and (iii) unveiling the effects of past and present anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems, while also trying to propose adequate solutions.

My early work centered on ship-based surveys for cetaceans throughout Chile’s oceanic islands and the Southern Ocean, while later I focused on the population dynamics and other ecological aspects of Antarctic fur seals at Cape Shirreff, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. A large focus of my recent work has revolved around large whales in southern Chile, mainly investigating the largest of them all, the blue whale. While we consolidate a marine mammal research program in Chilean Patagonia, we aim at strongly promoting the establishment of Marine Protected Areas in Chile, which are a tool for conserving not only cetaceans but the ecosystem as a whole.


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