Solomon Islands dolphin project: Progress report

As a follow-up to the Solomon Islands dolphin workshop held in Samoa in 2008 (see Special Projects, Solomon Islands), Marc Oremus and colleagues have been conducting field research in the Solomons to obtain abundance estimates of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the area where the recent live-capture for export operations have been centered. In the course of this work, they have also obtained interesting new data and information on other cetaceans in the region and on the traditional drive hunt for small cetaceans at Malaita.

To view or download a June 2011 progress report on this work by Oremus et al., click here:

Okhotsk Beluga Whale: Independent Scientific Assessment

In March of this year, a small panel chaired by Randall Reeves and including CSG members Barb Taylor and Bob Brownell, was convened by the IUCN Species Survival Commission to provide an independent scientific assessment of recent research on belugas in the Sakhalin–Amur region of eastern Russia. This research, which is ongoing, is sponsored by oceanaria and is intended to, among other things, provide a scientific basis for determining the sustainability of live-capture removals. To view or download the panel’s report, published in May 2011, click here:

New Website Launched – Freshwater Dolphins of the World

The ‘Freshwater Dolphins of the World’ website was launched in early 2011 to provide a central resource for information relating to freshwater dolphins. The site contains information on all of the species, subspecies and populations of true and river-flow-dependent freshwater dolphin populations. It also provides links to other websites that feature specific projects related to freshwater dolphins. The intention is to raise awareness of how threatened these species are. To visit the site, follow the link below: