One aspect of the CSG’s work is to carry out, or participate in, special projects. In some cases these projects are initiated by one or more CSG members with the explicit objective of addressing a topic highlighted in the group’s Action Plan. In other cases third parties (e.g. government agencies, non-government organizations, international conventions) approach the CSG with a specific request that it take the lead, or contribute expertise, on a particular issue. Generally speaking, by ‘special projects’ we mean studies, workshops, meetings, or panels that involve direct input by several individuals in their roles as CSG members.

It is important to recognize that all CSG members are involved in cetacean science and conservation. Most participate routinely in projects that relate to the group’s core interests and concerns. However, rather than trying to cover the full range of such activities here on the website, we include only a sample of those with which we are most closely involved. Users are encouraged to explore the ‘Library’ tab for a broader view of the work being conducted in the fields of cetacean science and conservation. Also, specific information on the expertise and research interests of members is available in the personal profiles under the ‘About Us’ tab.