CMS Scientific Council Meeting and Outcomes Relevant to Cetacean Conservation

By Gianna Minton (24 Nov 2019)


Background and summary


The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Scientific Council met from 12-14 November 2019 in Bonn, Germany. Its task was to evaluate ongoing activities and draft resolutions, decisions and proposals and make recommendations to member governments that will meet in the triennial Conference of Parties (COP) in Gandhinagar, India from 15-22 February 2020.

A range of issues relevant to cetacean conservation are addressed by the Council. IUCN CSG Deputy Chair Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara is the CMS Councillor for Aquatic Mammals (including cetaceans). The following issues that were discussed in the aquatic working group of the Council and will be taken forward to the COP next February. CSG members may want to track some of these issues and communicate with the relevant CMS focal points if they are keen to support proposed measures:


Threats/issues affecting cetaceans



Proposals for Concerted Actions (regional government-backed collaboration for a species or population)



Progress on existing Concerted Actions:


A number of progress reports were endorsed with an addendum that included clarification of procedures for extension or continuation into the next triennium (between COP 13 in 2020 and the next COP in 2023):