Claire Garrigue, PhD.

Senior scientist at French Institute for Research and Development

Member IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group

Member IUCN Sirenian Specialist Group

Member IUCN Task Force on Marine Mammal protected Areas.


Research interests

The research I have developed over the last twenty years is on the ecology and conservation of marine mammals. Most of them were carried out in the South West Pacific Ocean in collaboration with the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium and the NGO Cetacean Operation. I also had the opportunity to conduct some work in polar environments (Adélie land, IPEV program 1014).

The majority of my work focuses on the IUCN subpopulation of Humpback Whales classified by IUCN as an endangered species, with the aim of assessing its status and estimating existing connectivity in the South Pacific, and identifying its migratory routes nutrition areas. I am also interested in dugongs, small delphinids and sperm whales. In general, the difficulty of studying these species in their natural environment leads to the collection of all available information, especially during stranding, as was the case in 2013 during a grounding in Longman’s beaked whale mass, little known.

The issues I address relate to population dynamics, connectivity, reproductive behavior, habitat use, migration, and human impact. In order to answer these questions, various tools are used including demographic methods (to evaluate the abundance and trends of populations by capture-recapture based on visual and / or genetic identifications), molecular (genetic analysis to know the links kinship), acoustic (to estimate connectivity through song transmission) and telemetry (to study movements, habitats and human impact). These complementary methods make it possible to obtain the knowledge necessary for the implementation of effective management for the conservation of populations.

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Publications from 2010

For a full list of publication see on Research Gate.

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